You can setup tigerVPN manually without using the tigerVPN Apps following the following guide for iOS.

Before you start, you need both the VPN Username & VPN Password and the list of servers, which can be found in your customer dashboard under the section "geeks"

Now follow the setup guide below.  
A summary can be found underneath the video.

  1. Open Settings on your iOS device
  2. Select "General" 
  3. Scroll to "VPN" and click it.
  4. Click on "Add VPN Configuration"
  5. Type -> select to L2TP
  6. Description -> enter what you feel like, e.g. tigerVPN
  7. Server -> Enter any of the servers available in your dashboard.
    You can pick any of the nodes and enter them as seen (example) for New York, or for Amsterdam
  8. Account -> Enter your VPN username which you can find in the dashboard.
    e.g. tiger1235059
  9. Password -> Enter your VPN password which you can find in the dashboard.
    e.g. IDDHLC9AQ3
  10. Secret -> You can find that in your dashboard underneath VPN Password
  11. Click -> Done, you configured tigerVPN manually.
  12. To connect, just swipe the on button or click on connect in the settings menu.

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