Latest release: March 29 2017 version: 3.0 (download here)


If you upgrade from version 2x to 3.0 using the update dialog please read carefully.
You must first uninstall the current version 2 entirely before installing version 3.
This cannot be done by our installer because we have switched technologies and the installer is different from the old one. 

If you do not manually uninstall the current app first (version 2x) it will give you a login error.


Version 3 will rely entirely on the OpenVPN technology as it was the most requested by far. Therefore we decided to discontinue L2TP and PPTP for Windows (inside our App) but you can still use L2TP and PPTP by using our manual setup guides for windows

If you were previously using tigerVPN for Windows in version 2 and you experience connection issues with version 3, it might be because of the OpenVPN protocol.

Per default - tigerVPN will use OpenVPN with the UDP (port 1194) protocol.
If you experience issues with connections, please head to settings, system settings and select TCP override.

The App will now connect using TCP (on port 443) which can resolve any previous issues. Sometimes ISP's throttle or entirely block UDP which can be a source for connection issues.


In case you still experience connection issues, please follow the manual setup guide and try to setup L2TP for your Windows operating system. If this works, there is a likelihood that a TAP adapter or driver is not correctly setup to allow OpenVPN traffic. You can reach out to us and we'll help you further 

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