Hey tigers, below you have the steps which will help you create a manual PPTP connection on your MAC:

1. Let's get started by clicking on the Apple icon and then select "System Preferences":

2. Click on "Network" in the "Internet & Network" department

3. The Network window will appear and on the bottom left side, please click on the plus symbol "+" :

4. A pop up will show up so please click on the up and down arrows:

5. After that select VPN:

6. A new pop up will appear asking you to select the interface and enter a name for the new service. Click on the up and down arrows next to the VPN type section and select PPTP:

7. In "Service Name", type anything you wish as this is just for you to keep track of all your VPN profiles, in the example below I have used Amsterdam PPTP.

Hit "Create":

8. In the "Server Address" section please type the address of the server you wish to connect to. In my example, for Amsterdam, the server address is: ams.tigervpn.com . You can check the server addresses in your customer dashboard:

In the "Account Name" please add your tigerVPN username which you can find inside your customer Dashboard. For example, tiger12345.

Make sure that "Show VPN status in the menu bar is ticked and then select "Authentication Settings":

9. In "Password" section please type in or copy-paste your VPN password which you can find inside your customer Dashboard. For example: XcgBmL .

Hit "OK"

10. Next step is for you to go to "Advanced"

11. Make sure you select "Send all traffic over VPN connection" and hit "OK"

12. The network window will show up and just hit "Apply" and "Save network configuration":

13. On your desktop, please click on the network icon and select "Connect to Amsterdam PPTP" / or the name of the connection you created.

Off you go! Enjoy the tigerVPN :)

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