Hey guys! Below you can find the steps which will help you create a PPTP connection on your Win 7. :)

1. Let's start by opening "Control Panel" and then go to " Network and Internet"

2. Go to "Network and Sharing Center":

3. Select "Set up a new connection or network" :

4. Pick "Connect to a workplace" :

5. A pop up will appear asking you how do you wish to connect. Select first option, "Use my Internet connection (VPN)" :

6. In the " Internet address" tab type the address of the server you wish to connect to. In my example, for Amsterdam, the server address is: ams.tigervpn.com .

You can check the server addresses in your customer dashboard:

In the "Description name" type anything you wish as this is just for you to keep track of all your VPN profiles, in the example below I have used Amsterdam PPTP.

Hit "Next"

7. "User name" should be the tigerID, which you can find inside your customer Dashboard, for example tiger12345

In the password field, please type in or copy-paste the tiger password, which is also available inside your Dashboard. For example Xch6OM

Tick "Remember this password" and then hit connect.

8. Kudos! You are now connected to Amsterdam as you can see below so..... enjoy tigerVPN'ing! :)

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