The GDPR allows ** RESIDENTS ** OF THE EUROPEAN UNION to execute their privacy rights and withdraw or give their consent of data processing. We have enabled this for all our customers regardless the residency, however please understand that other features are only available for EU residents.

On May 25, 2018, we have activated a consent approval request on our website, and inside our apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS (please update to the latest version) Below is a video proof of how this process looks like.

We have asked you to read, confirm and agree to the changes in our privacy statement as well as to the terms and condition update.

The second step asked you for explicit permission to contact you related to marketing activities. Per default you were opt-OUT but if you clicked YES, stay in the inner circle you have given us permission to contact you and process your data for our own marketing purpose.

You can withdraw this consent by visiting the tigerVPN website, and heading over to the privacy setting.

If you turn the settings ON, you allow us to contact you, but if you turn it off, no further communication will be made. Keep in mind if you switch this on or off frequently, you will have inconsistence in the way how you perceive this effort.



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