No logs
Protecting our customers is our most important task therefore, tigerVPN does not store any activity logs anywhere - period. View our entire Privacy policy here.

Strong Encryption
We use AES 256-bit encryption to keep you safe. To read more about encryption and protocols head over here.

Meshed IP addresses
We put together a set of customers per IP. That’s like riding a bus together but nobody knows each other and from the outside, it’s just one big bus, brilliant ai?

NAT Firewall
When connected to a VPN server, you are shielded from other VPN users through a hardware firewall. It’s like having your very own self driving car on a super fast highway.


The 30% Rule
Our engineers have built tigerVPN to always keep 30% bandwidth reserved. That means, if required, we automatically allocate more bandwidth and resources.

Recommended server
Our Apps analyze the best performing VPN automatically. You just need to select recommended server from inside the app and we connect you to what's the best performing VPN server.

Always on
Turned on, we will constantly keep your VPN connection alive and reconnect if required. Even if you come back from flight mode or if you switch networks.

Operating since 2011, profitable and here for the long run. We make money with the service we provide and that’s it. Ask us anything in case you are curious.


We operate a global VPN network with 300+ Servers in 62 Cities covering 43 Countries. We don’t have Antarctica, because it’s too cold for our Tiger. See our server locations here.

SLA Monitoring
You can see that our performance is stable and that we deliver on what we promise, an amazing service. Check our server's status here.

Full DNS control
We operate our very own DNS servers, that way we can increase your privacy, and websites will open much faster than when using 3rd party DNS providers.

We build everything inhouse, operate our own network, servers and monitor them round the clock. 

Add ons

Karma Rewards Program
Similar to your Frequent Flyer program, you can collect valuable karma points and redeem them for freebies and other cool stuff. Everyone’s automatically enrolled and you can check more details here.

Shimo VPN Client
Is an awesome VPN client for Mac which supports a multitude of VPN protocols. The license worth $49 is offered for FREE with every Hero plan (12 months subscription). More about Shimo here.

Sticky Password
Is a password manager that keeps safe your website login credentials and credit card info. Is included for FREE in every Hero plan (12 months subscription). More about Sticky here.

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